Buffalo Navy Shipyard Sleepover

This special event is one of those very special experiences that Two Feathers makes easy.

We travel to the Buffalo Naval Park on a Saturday morning, and spend the entire day exploring World War 2 era navy ships, including a destroyer, submarine, and the massive missile cruiser, USS Little Rock.   Then, we sleep on the USS Little Rock,  in  the actual “racks” that the sailors slept in.

This is a real adventure for the kids, and a fascinating look at US Navy history, as these ships are also functioning museums. You have to experience this to believe it!

The kids LOVE it, and the parents really appreciate this rare glimpse into these noble fighting ships, and into life aboard ship for the brave men and women who served on them.

We don’t go on this trip every year, so you really want to go when we have it on the schedule!

Learn more about Buffalo Naval Park at their website, by clicking here.