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Duck Tape Festival Float

OK, we’ll just say it:  We’re pretty good…… at making floats out of Duck Tape.

Check out this time lapse video of our 2016 float build team in action:

And, how about this time lapse video of our 2015 float build team creating crowd-favorite Big Olaf:


Check out this Wall Street Journal video about our 2013 champion float building team!

In early June, we gather together to celebrate the end of the school year, and while we’re at it, we build a Duck Tape float for Avon’s annual Duck Tape Festival.  We always have a GREAT time, laughing about the crazy contraption that we’re building.

We then get the fun of revealing our creation to the parade audience, as both parents and kids get to be in the parade with the float.   This has become an event that the kids really look forward to.

It’s even more fun when the audience and judges really appreciate our creations.   Here’s how our floats have been judged:

2015: Big Olaf – 2nd Place
2014: ET – 1st Place  

2013: Back To The Future – 1st Place

 2012: Jungle Safari

Join us for the fun!