Pinewood Derby

The Pinewood Derby is another classic Two Feathers event, and the favorite of many parents and kids.   Our pinewood track is a hand-built masterpiece, at 64 feet long and 12 feet tall, it’s twice the length of the average pinewood track.  Cars reach scale speeds of over 320 mph, and we use precise computer-controlled sensors to correctly record all the race times.


What makes this event so special is that parent and child get to build their pinewood car together before the event, which teaches great life skills to the kids – and yes, many of the parents too!  This event creates great teaching moments, and the shared fun of working together on a project.  Many of our pinewood cars will be saved for life as precious keepsakes.  

Ary painting pinewood, 2012

Arielle & friends, Pinewood 2010

Never built a pinewood car?  Don’t worry.  Most of our members never had either before Two Feathers.   You can also count on all the help you want or need from our experienced members.  You start with a standard kit for the car, shape the wood, and follow simple instructions to finish it.  You can add all your own creativity too, of course!

4 Pinewood Cars 2009

Awards are given for different age groups, for both speed and design creativity.

Our Pinewood Derby is held every spring, usually on the first Saturday in March.

This is another event that you just don’t want to miss!

Here are the rules and guidelines for building a pinewood car -> 2FL Pinewood Derby Car Building Rules