These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) cover many common questions.  Please contact us anytime with any questions that might not be covered below.

Q. Can I talk to a representative before joining?

A.  We would love to talk to you about membership. Please contact us by any of the means provided and one of our officers will get back to you as soon as possible.


Q. Are you associated with Indian Guides and Indian Princesses?

A.   Indian Guides was a YMCA sponsored program for several decades. The new “Native Sons & Daughters Program” was started as a national non-profit organization, independent of the YMCA.  For more information, visit the National Longhouse Site for a brief history overview, by clicking HERE.


Q. How much does it cost to join?

A.  Our annual fee is only $60/family.  Camps and other activities will require additional fees for participation.  We do have many free events, and we try to minimize cost as much as possible to maximize participation.   The $60 family membership includes a parent and as many children as they wish to sign up. The entire family is invited to attend family events, but on the parent that signed up can attend parent/child events such as a camp.


Q. Are there kids in your organization that go to my child’s school?

A.  The children in our organization go to both public and private schools at the pre-, primary, middle, and high school levels in our area.


Q. How do I join your organization?

A.  Details on joining  can be found on our How To Joinpage.


Q. When do the tribes meet?

A.  Usually, tribes meet once a month and the time is based on whats best for the group.  Note: There are times where some of the tribe members aren’t able to attend.


Q. How are tribes setup?

A.  Tribes are usually setup based on gender, school, and age.


Q. Do you hold monthly meetings?

A.   We hold a combined officers and longhouse meeting at the same time.  Anyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.


Q. Do we have to go to all of the events?

A. No, you only go to the events you wish to go to.


Q. Do kindergartners go to camps?

A.  Yes, lots of kindergartners attend the camps and really enjoy it. All of the camps we attend except the summer tent camp have cabins.  All you need is a sleeping bag.


Q. What do I bring for a camp?

A.  Bring weather appropriate material. This website has a list of suggested things to bring to camp, which you can see by clicking here -> 2FL Camping items list.


Q. How many years does your program last?

A. It can last as long as you want.  Our only requirement is that your child must be at least 5 years old.  Currently, we have kids in the program from 5 to 15 years old.


Q.  When can I join?

A.  ANYTIME!  The sooner, the better, for you and your kids to start making precious memories.


Q. Do you have events with boys and girls combined?

A. Yes, our program is Native Sons & Daughters and all of our events are done together.   Our longhouse is typically divided into boy tribes and girl tribes, but all tribes take part in our events.


Q. How are the names Two Feathers Longhouse and Native Sons & Daughters related?

A. Two Feathers is the local branch of Native Sons & Daughters serving Avon, Avon Lake, North Ridgeville, Sheffield, Sheffield Lake, Bay Village and Westlake. Native Sons & Daughters is a national program.


Q. What are the leather vests for and where do I get one?

A.  For each event you and your child(ren) go to, you receive a patch. The leather vest is an optional piece where put all of your patches.

To buy a vest, you can wait until the longhouse gets a bulk order together or you can buy one online at http://www.cowcatcher.us/vest_kits.html, or call 919-833-8262.

Not sure what size vest to order?  We have samples available that you can try on, but historically, Adult Large is the most popular selection for adults.  Child large is the recommendation for the children.  It may look big initially, but this will give them an opportunity to grow into the vest.

If you don’t wish to buy the vest, you can always buy a Two Feathers T-Shirt, sweatshirt, or hat, for sale at most events.


Q.  Where can I get the member’s handbook for Native Sons and Daughters?

A.  Right here -> NSD-handbook-2015-03-18


Q. Where do we order patches?

A. Right here -> www.thepatchstore.com.


Q. Where do we order craft kits?

A. Right here -> www.craftkits.com.


Q. Are there guidelines for tribe and longhouse meetings?

A.  Yes, right here -> Meeting Guidelines


Q. What other helpful advice is there for parents in the program?

A.  Here’s a link to a comprehensive parent’s help document -> Parent’s Help Doc.

Q. How do I purchase Two Feathers logo clothing? 

A. 2FL clothing is available for purchase at this website: https://2feathers.itemorder.com/sale